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With their legendary surroundings, the Hexentanzplatz  and the Roßtrappe belong to the most important sightseeing locations of the Harz. The rocks of the Roßtrappe, with the legendary footprint is directly accessible from the valleyby a chair lift. To Hexentanzplatz brings you an exciting ride on the gondola.

Hexentanzplatz, Bodetal and Rosstrappe are always worth a visit. You can reachfrom the cable's central in the valley. Downwards it goes with the Steinbachtal Harzbob. A 1000-meter all-weather - Bob.

At the entrance of the Bodetal our guests will find a romantic hiking paradise and an experience park for young and old. 
Legends and myths, such as the legend ofthe Roßtrappe or the Witches' Sabbath on Walpurgis Night, has always beenentwined with the Hexentanzplatz.