Van der Valk Schlosshotel Ballenstedt

Buffets & Menüs
Menu 1 - 29,50 p.p.

Ardennes ham with melon boats and baguette
Pork medallions with cream mushrooms,
Almond broccoli and potato croquettes
Fresh fruit salad with vanilla ice cream and cream

Menü 2 - 35,50 € p.p.

Shrimp cocktail with whiskey sauce
Double broth with tomato, tortellini and basil
Fried chicken breast fillet with creamy bearnaisesauce
Duchess potatoes and fresh vegetables
Warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream

3-course-menu without starter - 26,50 € per person

Menü 3 - 38,50 € p.p.

Pink roast roast beef rolls with horseradish cream
on the salad bouquet
Cream tomato soup with ginseng cream
Roasted salmon fillet on dill foam
Ratatouille with risotto
Fillet steaks of beef fillet

Homemade spaetzle and filled fennel spoon
Mousse au chocolat on a carpaccio of strawberry

3-course menu without starter - € 38,50 per person

Menü 4 - 49,50 € p.p.

Ardennes ham with melon boats and baguette
Clear tomato soup with ravioli
Poached salmon fillet with crabs
on Hummersauce, black rice
Tournedos Van der Valk (medium fried)
small beef fillet steaks on fresh mushrooms on red wine sauce
Duchess potatoes and sugar snap
Duet of light and dark mousse on saucepan
wrapped with exotic fruits

4-course menu - € 49,50 per person

Galamenü 5 - 59,50 € p.p.

Foam terrine of two smoked fish with a skewer
of the scallop, fried scampi on lemongrass
on red paprika mousse, with fruity mango mousse and purple earth apple chip
Pumpkin ginger soup with beluga lentils,
fried rocket salad and roasted duck breast strips
Veal fillet with forest herb crust on a truffle red wine sauce,
gratinated with parmesan, stuffed courgette fish
and cranberry risotto
Mousse of dark chocolate and white hip grid
with light marzipan-fruit-petit fours
Lemon pomegranate sorbet and frothy mint sauce

5-course menu - € 59,50 per person