Meetings & parties

Incentives at Van der Valk

Below you will find our various incentive offers. Not found the right thing yet? Please let us know your wishes! We will be happy to advise you by phone at  +49 39483 510 or

E-Bike starting at € 29.50 p.p.

Participants: at least 8 people, duration: 2 hours – whole day

Cycle through the Harz region with little effort and a lot of fun. Our guide will take you to the best places. Whether a full day tour to Quedlinburg or to the castles and palaces of Selketal or a half-day tour to Falkenstein Castle, there is something for everyone. Explore in a group of at least 8 people and experience an exciting day

We also make individual offers for groups, or on request only e-bike rental.

Cocktailcourse from € 18.00 p.p.

Participants: at least 5 people, duration: 1 - 2 hours

Create your own cocktail in our bar and decorate it according to your wishes. We´ll of course assist you with professional instructions for the composition of your drink. Afterward, your drink will be checked for taste.

We also offer a punch seminar in winter!

Golf course starting at € 25.00 p.p.

Participants: at least 10 people, duration 2 hours

Practice your golf skills under the instruction of our golf pro and get a taste of this beautiful sport.

Mystic ending - price on request

Themed, evening and robe tours at Michaelstein Blankenburg Monastery
Participants: max. 25 people, duration: 90 minutes

Monastery Michaelsteins and its impressive monastery complex are perfect for exploration. Historical, modern, and nature-inspired architecture wait to be explored. During a themed tour on the subjects of architecture, music, garden, or an evening tour by candlelight you will experience the highlights of the complex and monastery life in the past. You will encounter a particularly exciting experience on a guided tour of the monastery in a frock, during which you yourself slip into the role of a monk.

Herb Witch (night hike) starting at € 11.00 p.p.

Participants: 5 to 30 people, duration: 90 min.

Are you excited to spend a night with the herb witch? Do you want to learn about the moon, herbs, witches, and the devil hidden in the Harz region? Do you want to try witch punch? Or learn how to make a herb soup or herb salad? Just meet with our witch and enjoy a campfire night with herbal drinks.

Segway - price on request

Participants: from 20 to 30 people, duration: 2 hours

Take a break with your colleagues and business partner to learn mobility and handling on a Segway. Drive through the parkour and ramps by shifting your weight. Start a team competition after the professional instruction.

In winter we offer an alternative punch seminar!

Clay pigeon shooting starting at € 27.00 p.p.

Participants: max. 25 people, duration: 2 hours

After a long conference day, enjoy this extraordinary activity in a beautiful landscape. Use this opportunity to find the best shooter.

Drum circles starting at € 15.00 p.p.

Participants: at least 10 people, duration: 90 minutes

Drum to the rhythm or in the opposite direction in unison or canon with your participants. This little adventure into the musical world of rhythms frees the mind of every seminar participant.