Van der Valk Schlosshotel Ballenstedt


Our menu

Our lovely created buffets are delicious. You can choose everything you would like to dine. We are also offering an à la carte service in our freshly renovated restaurant.

Reserve table

In accordance with the renovation of our hotel, our menu was completely renewed.



Salad Fürst Victor € 5.90
variation of green salads, cucumber tomato, paprika, herb croutons and a caesar-dressing

Beef carpaccio € 10.90
with rucola salad, Parmesan cheese and baguette 

Harz cheese-tartar € 6.90
on toasted bread and a marinated leaf salad

Tartar of home-marinated salmon € 9,50
with slices of cucumber, a honey-mustard dressing and baguette


Bright stuffed chicken broth € 6.90

Potato soup to regional recipe € 6.50
with root vegetables and garden cress

Soup of the day € 5,90
 chosen by the chef

Tomato soup € 6.50
with butter croutons

Main dishes

Meat dishes

Rosé baked wild boar € 23.50
with puree of sweet potatoes and grilled vegetables

Pork schnitzel in Viennese way € 16.90
with baked potatoes, bacon and a salad (from 17.30 salad from the salad buffet)

Pepper pan of pork € 17.50
with cocktail grubs, bacon and onions in a pepper sauce with cauliflower and potato croquettes

Rump steak 'sous vide' € 26.90
with vegetables from the grill and potatoes with rosemary

Venison meat € 25.90
with a red wine sauce, mashed potato from sweet potatoes and fried oyster mushrooms

Braised chicken breast of the corn chicken € 17.50
with a risotto of forest mushrooms and a salad (from 17.30 salad of the salad buffet)

Roast 'sous vide' € 16.90
Roasted pork with fried bacon, potatoes and grilled onionsF

Fish dishes

Baked pike perch fillet € 17.90
with a tomato foam and a vegetable risotto with white wine, served with a salad (from 17.30 salad from the salad buffet)

Baked salmon fillet € 17.90
with a tomato foam and a vegetable risotto with white wine, served with a salad (from 17.30 salad from the salad buffet)

Veggie and pasta dishes

Grilled feta cheese € 13.50 
with grilled vegetables

Vegetarian tagliarini € 16.90
with mushroom cream sauce, Provençale herbs and garlic

Salmon tagliarini € 16.50
with tomato cream sauce and Parmesan cheese



Crème brûlée € 5.50
French dessert with caramelized sugar on top

Chocolate soufflé € 6.90
with stracciatella ice cream and a vanilla sauce

Filled profiterole € 6.90 
with a berry jelly, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream


Baileys cup € 5.50
2 balls of vanilla ice, 1 ball of stracciatella ice, Baileys and whipped cream

 Fruit cup € 6.90
3 balls of vanilla ice, fresh fruit salad, hazelnut-brittle and whipped cream

Holland cup € 6.90
3 balls of vanilla ice, chocolate sauce, egg liqueur and whipped cream

Sorbet cup € 6.90
3 balls of fruit sorbet with sparkling wine

Kid's menu

kid's choice

Rumpelstilt € 4.90
chicken nuggets with French fries

Gnome € 6.90
small schnitzel with cauliflower and French fries

Neptune € 5.50
Fish fingers with mashed potato

Mimi’s meal € 5.50
Pasta with a tomato sauce