Our menu

Our lovely created buffets are delicious. You can choose everything you would like to dine. We are also offering an à la carte service in our freshly renovated restaurant.

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In accordance with the renovation of our hotel, our menu was completely renewed.



Bread basket with herb butter, olive oil and pesto € 4,50

Smoked trout fillet with salad bouquet, € 5,90
Bread and horseradish cream

Spiced Meat "van der Valk"
gratinated with cheese, lemon and roasted white
bread corner à part € 6,90


served with oven-fresh baguette

Pumpkin cream soup with roasted seeds
and pumpkin oil € 5,90

Pichelsteiner stew 6,90 €

Vegetable soup with beetroot,
parsnip and coconut milk € 6,90


Variation of green salads € 13,90 
with marinated feta cheese, crôutons, roasted pine nuts and house dressing

 Variation of green salads € 14,90 
with fried chicken breast fillet, crôutons, roasted pine nuts and house dressing

Veggie and pasta dish

Veggie and Pasta dishes

Grilled feta from foil € 13,90 
with Seasonal vegetables and homemade potato rösti

Pasta "Verdure" € 14,50 
with Roasted pine nuts, truffle oil and Grana Padano

Pasta "Pesto" € 16,90 
with Grilled chicken breast, cherry tomatoes and Grana Padano

Meat and fish dishes


Fried liver "Berlin style"
Apple slices, onion rings and mashed potatoes € 15,50

Schnitzel "Wiener Art"
from the pig with Sauteed mushrooms and French fries € 15,90

Stewed wild goulash
with Red cabbage and potato dumplings € 16,50

Roasted Barberie duck breast with
Madeira sauce, Mangetout and mashed potatoes € 16,90

Pepper pan of pork fillet with pickled cucumbers,
Bacon and onions, wintry vegetables and croquettes € 17,50

Schnitzel "Viennese style" of pork with lemon,
Capers, anchovy, fried potatoes and Side salad (from 17:30 from our salad buffet) € 17,50

Schnitzel of pork "au four" with Cauliflower,
bread butter and fried potatoes € 17,90

Rostbrätel vom Iberico Schweinerücken
with Stewed onions and fried potatoes € 17,90

Roasted Iberico pork steak
with Seasoned meat and cheese au gratin, winter vegetables and French fries € 18,50

Entrecôte of Black Angus beef "Sous-Vide" with pepper sauce, Vegetables of the season and purple potatoes € 25,00


Trout from Altenbrak with melted butter,
Boiled potatoes and side salad € 17,90
(from 17:30 from our salad buffet)

Saltimbocca of zander with Bernaise sauce,
Sauteed mangetout and mashed potato € 18,90

Roasted salmon fillet with Bernaise sauce
Gratinated winter vegetables and bacon potato € 19,90

Sole "Müllerin" with sauce Bernaise,
vegetables of the season, Parsley potatoes, pasta or fried potatoes
(Please order your sole at least 6 hours in advance) € 34,50

We also offer main courses as a children's or senior's portion.



Creme Brûlée € 5,50
Classic French dessert with a crust of brown, caramelized sugar

Iced Tiramisu € 6,90
with chocolate sauce and whipped cream

Homemade chocolate cake € 6,90
with chili cherries, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream

Apple Strudel "du Chef" € 7,50
with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream


Baileys Mug € 5,50
2 scoops of vanilla ice cream, 1 scoop of Stracciatellae,
Baileys and cream

Holland cup € 6,50
3 scoops of vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce,
Eggnog and cream

Valk- Exclusive € 7.50
3 scoops of fruit sorbet with Prosecco

Hot cherries € 6,90
3 scoops of vanilla ice cream, hot cherries,
brittle and cream

Ice chocolate € 4.50

Iced coffee € 4.50

Kid's menu

Choice of children

Noodles with fruity tomato sauce € 6,50

Chicken Nuggets with French Fries € 6,90

Children's schnitzel with French fries € 7,90

Fish fingers with French fries € 7,90  

We serve vegetables of the season with all children's dishes on request.



Snack plate "VALK" € 14,50
Bitter bales, spring rolls, cheese soufflé, meat croquette,
Garlic mayonnaise and sweet chilli sauce