Relax in a place surrounded by a beautiful historical ambiance. From the first sunrays in spring until autumn you can access the terrace. Enjoy homemade cake and coffee with a view over the historic castle ensemble.  

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Cocktail menu

Mixed (with alcohol)

Whiskey Cola
Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey, Coca Cola
€ 6.00

Rum and cola
Bacardi Rum Blanco, Coca Cola
€ 6.00

Campari Orange
Campari, orange juice, orange slice
€ 6.50

Vodka Orange
Vodka Three Sixty, orange juice
€ 6.50

Williams bitter lemon
Pear brandy "Gernrode", Bitter Lemon
€ 6.00

Cuba Libre
Havana Club 3 years, Coca Cola, a slice of lime
€ 6.50

Gin and tonic
Gordons Gin, tonic water
€ 7.00

lime, pitu, cane sugar
€ 7.50

Prince Albrecht
Sour cherry liqueur, bitter lemon, lime
€ 6.00

Virgins (non-alcoholic cocktails)

Lime, cane sugar, ginger ale
€ 5.10

Happy driver
Orange juice, peach juice, lemon juice, almond syrup, grenadine
€ 5.10